The Ultimate Pitching Guide

The Ultimate Pitching Guide

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Not quite sure how to put together the perfect pitch? Or not sure of what to include? Well, prepare to go from stressed to calm and relaxed. In this guide, you will have a copy and paste template for:

Introducing yourself/ brand to the media: First impressions are EVERYTHING. This copy and paste template guide will outline everything you need to know, so you are making a successful first impression on the journalist you are looking to reach out to.

Pitching yourself confidently for speaking engagements: In this copy and paste template, you will be able to confidently put together a pitch for any speaking engagement no matter how big or how small!

Contributing to being a thought leader: This template is all about showcasing the benefits of your advice to the audience of media publications. We guide you on what you need to say to contribute to media platforms and how to make you can become a trusted expert in your field!

Influencer & Brand Ambassador outreach: Influencer marketing is one of the biggest and hottest topics in the PR and marketing world. But guess what? we have taken away the stress and anxiety on how to reach out to influencers no matter how big or small. This copy and paste template gives you everything you need to confidently reach out to your ideal influencer.

These templates are designed to help you craft clever, concise and reply-worthy press requests! But most importantly- boost your confidence and generate your publicity SUCCESS.

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