Handbook to Publicity & Influence-

Handbook to Publicity & Influence-

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Filled with down to earth, expert advice, this handbook will become your new best friend when it comes to tackling your own PR. This handbook is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to become a thought leader in their field, or brands looking for a step-by-step approach on how to do their own PR.

Filled with best practices and organized into actionable, easy-to-follow steps, we will cover topics such as:

The PR mindset: Learn how to become confident telling your story to the world! We dive deep into overcoming limiting beliefs and OWNING your story.

Identify your ideal audience: There's no point in doing publicity if you're not sure who you want to talk to. We bring it back to marketing basics and go through a step by step approach on how to identify your target market, so you know who they are and how they want to find out about you.

Create your PR success plan: Nothing successful comes without a plan! A well-established PR plan comes with goals, strategies, and supporting tactics... and we teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful outreach plan.

Creating your personalised media list: Whilst hitting up every journalist might sound like a fantastic approach, we're telling you now- it isn't. We teach you what you need to know about putting together a well-researched media list, that is personalised to your publicity goals

Pitching: The fun part- telling your story to the media. We take you through the fundamentals of pitching and what you need to do to send a successful pitch to a journalist.

The art of following up: Following up is an art form- it comes down to timing and making sure you're being informative. We dive into the art of following up and how to approach a journalist when you haven't heard back yet.

PR'ing your PR: Now that you've landed some coverage, we teach you how to maximise your coverage so your brand gets the most out of it.

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