Meet Cassandra Hili.
It's lovely to meet you!

Cassandra is a personal branding coach, publicist, Entreprenuer, speaker and soon-to be author who supports established women in business who are looking to become experts in their field and become known for their achievements. After building her own PR agency to multi-six figures through her own personal branding strategies, as well as being an ex-social media influencer with over 250,000 followers across the globe, Cassandra understands the power that comes with a strong personal branding presence. Cassandra has a natural affinity for commercial communications and uses her passion to help hustling business owners succeed with professional brand positioning in the media.

Cassandra is a Vision Partner at The Entourage, where she educated business owners on how to own their brand, and get in the media, and has spoken at large events such as the Mind Body and Soul festival, Boss Lady Events, NSW Parliament and TAFE NSW. To date, Cass has been featured in Forbes, DailyMail, Yahoo, news.com.au to name a few, and has been placed as a Top 50 Business Leader by Inside Small Business and was a finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs Awards Sydney 2019. In addition to this extensive list of achievements and qualifications, it’s Cass’ strong creativity, genuine approach and honesty that allows her to stand out.