You have a sensational product or service and a great business, but no one knows about it and you don’t know what to do next. PR firms save you time, money and energy by devising effective marketing campaigns, getting your product in front of the right people, and helping you take your business to the next level.


PR creates an immediate bridge between your product and potential customers


What do PR firms do?

They share your product or service with the right people through:

-    Writing and distributing press releases to influential media contacts

-    Organising events, interviews and appearances

-    Organising social influencer marketing campaigns with social media personalities


Here are the top 5 reasons to enlist a PR firm to help catapult your brand onto the world stage.


1.     You want more business


Helping you increase sales and brand awareness it’s the key outcome a PR firm can offer you. A good PR firm wants you and your business to be a success, so getting you more sales is an important part.


PR tip: Choose your PR firm wisely

Choose a PR firm that maintains a good relationship with all the brands in its portfolio, and has a proven record of success on campaigns. Most PR companies will have links to their best campaigns on their websites.


2.   You have a great product…but no one knows about it


If you want to get your brand in front of more than just your parents and friends, a PR company can help. Good PR firms have an enviable dossier of media contacts, and they maintain these contacts through good relationships so they can pitch your brand to TV shows, websites and news sites to secure you and your brand everything from events to interviews, articles and short video features.


3.  You need help writing compelling content to attract potential customers


Captivating writing is key to getting your brand’s message out there in the form of press releases, guest blogs and SEO-optimised web pages. If you’re not a good, fluid writer, a journalist won’t read more than your headline on a press release, and your brand will never make it into their magazine, website or TV segment.


Similarly, if you don’t know the tips and tricks of copywriting to optimise content for the web to enable Google to find your web pages before your competition; you’re missing out on important leads, and sacrificing customer purchases.


Good PR firms offer press release and web writing services to get your brand out there with captivating content. So, if you’re no Hemingway, leave it to a PR professional.


4. You don’t know how to sell your product within its specific industry


Your product has its own niche, and each niche requires a unique style of marketing. If you have an interior decorating product, you’ll need to market it very differently to a beauty product.


A PR firm knows how your industry, and they know what works.


PR tip: Choose a PR firm with experience in your industry. Check out their portfolio and client list, and see if they’ve worked with someone in your industry. If you can’t see enough information on their website, contact them and ask if they’ve worked within your industry before.


5. You need to reduce costs while getting your brand out into the world


Saving money is every business owner’s prerogative, but it can be hard to know where to save and where to splurge. Marketing can end up being very expensive when you offer free events, free product, and spend hours sending press releases to media contacts who don’t know you, and don’t respond.


PR firms can save you money by saving you time, and preventing you from giving away your product or service for free without benefit. They will devise a clear marketing strategy, and will help you launch a campaign to market your product or service to your ideal customer base.


What do PR firms do in a nutshell?


They offer you clarity and results. PR firms offer clarity for you and your marketing strategy. You won’t waste time pursuing dead leads, you won’t waste product and you won’t waste your precious entrepreneurial energy.